About Us

Positive Ageing Week 2021 will take place from September 27th to October 1st

Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for all older people. Everything we do is based on a recognition of the diversity of identity and situations among older people and a concern for equality for all older people. In addressing ageing, our work includes a concern to influence perspectives on and responses to ageing. This pursuit of equality and human rights is underpinned by our work to promote ageing in place, life‐long learning, and health and wellbeing for older people, empowering them to live as active citizens. Our work is driven by an organisation that is professional in its operations and lives out its values of dignity, participation, diversity, social justice, and professionalism.

Positive Ageing Week is about celebrating the older people in our lives and the contribution they make to our families and our communities.

As a result of the public health measures it was not possible to hold public events during Positive Ageing Week 2020.  Any events were held virtually.  Age Action realises that not everyone has access to technology, or the broadband needed to support such virtual gatherings but we hope that those who have could engage with some/all of the events held during PAW 2020